The Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Brazilian Man

1. They aren’t shy about their feelings

A common complaint women in relationships have is that their partner isn’t open about their feelings. Most men tend to bottle up all of their emotions and they rarely express their thoughts in a way that makes their girlfriends feel like they are being totally open with them. Brazilian men don’t have this problem. They will tell you when something is bothering them and they will give you heartfelt compliments.

Gone be the days of “you look nice” after you’ve spent hours perfecting your look. A Brazilian man will make you feel as beautiful as a princess and they won’t ever be shy about the way they feel. These men love showing their women off and they will make sure you know how much they desire you.

The Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Brazilian Man

2. They’re passionate

Ever had a boyfriend who wouldn’t show you affection in public because he had something against ‘PDA’? That won’t ever happen with a Brazilian man. There isn’t even a Portuguese term for PDA because to Brazilians it isn’t something shameful or inappropriate. In Brazilian culture it is expected that a couple will be loving and affectionate in public. If they aren’t, people will assume they aren’t a couple or that they’re having problems.

3. They commit a lot faster

Endless dating without ever getting the label of ‘girlfriend’ can be draining. The practice of waiting a long time before seeing somebody exclusively is odd to Brazilians. They are direct about their feelings and will determine very soon where the relationship is heading. If they feel a connection, they will immediately ask to be exclusive. If they don’t, they will make it known that it is only a casual thing. You will never be left wondering whether or not they see a future with you. They will let you know.

4. They are spontaneous and decisive

Nothing kills the romance of a date faster than an endless loop of “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

While Brazilian guys aren’t the type to spend weeks planning a date, they will also be able to conjure up a plan at the last minute. There will never be any uncertainty about what you’re doing. They will take the lead when it comes to dates.

5. He will want to introduce you to his family

Meeting the parents is a big deal in America and some other countries. In Brazil it is commonplace to introduce your parents to the person that you’re dating, even if you’ve only been dating a week. Brazilians don’t see meeting the family as a measure of commitment nor do they see it as the final step before getting married. This saves you a lot of stress since it is such an informal event and you’ll know sooner if you will be able to fit in with his family and have a future with him. It’s unlikely that your relationship will last if you don’t get along with his family. Family values are very important in Brazil.