Simple Tips to Date in Brazil

Dating in Brazil has practically nothing in common with how Americans typically date — and I have been mentioning Americans because all of us have some knowledge regarding their pick up methods, as a consequence of Hollywood, so we have a well-known model to be completely different versus dating methods in Brazil.

Simple Tips to Date in Brazil

So, listed below are several tips and also some recommendations of how this whole process of dating in Brazil works.

1. There's no better time than now

In case you meet a girl and she appears to be interested, you should not ask for her contact number then return to your buddies. Ask her and her friends to join your group. In case you are shy to flirt in public, you can invite her for a drink at the bar table. Friends will understand, of course.

Needless to say, you might want some time to properly prepare yourself. If that is the case, go ahead, just ask her phone number and you got a date. However the possibility for her to meet someone else that same night stays open. So, it is up to you to choose, are you going to be shy or brave!

2. Public displays of affection

There isn't any rule about when is the best time for you to kiss a girl or where you can do it. Feel the buzz, and stay ready for some public displays of affection (PDA).

In reality, PDA at a minimal level is not regarded as rude or obnoxious in Brazil. You'll be able to have a french kiss in the street, at some beach or even in a club or bar in front of your friends, while they are talking together.

3. Be polite and respectful

A lot of people from other countries think that Brazilian women are quite easy, uninhibited and seductive. This is often a myth developed by a sexist mistake related to:

  1. The actual fact that isn't uncommon for Brazilians to touch each other while talking, even if they are complete strangers.
  2. The liberty of Brazilian dances, for instance the samba or the carioca funk.
  3. Brazilian Carnival, which is indeed a quite liberal celebration.
  4. Brazilian exotic clothes.

Taking into account all the issues this myth has led to, the best advice I can provide you with is to be polite and respectful. Never evaluate the character of a girl according to her clothes, the way she speaks or the dances she does.

4. Never leave your girlfriend alone

This suggestion originates from lots of earlier experiences - always remember that Brazilian couples, hang together in social events.

It is not uncommon, for a guy to have problems with preserving his girl by not sitting next to her at the club or even by not talking very much with her at an event.

In the US, for example, couples often split-off to be able to socialize with others in social events. The truth is, for many people in Brazil this may not be okay.