Brazilian Women: What They Want and How to Provide It

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Brazilian Women: What They Want and How to Provide It

A Man Who Can Handle Her Family

Brazilians have a strong family connection. If you are the type that doesn't like large groups, aren't likely to be able to find things in common with her dad, uncle and second cousin and aren't interested in learning how, then a Brazilian woman is not going to be a good match for you. Even if she is living far away from her family, she talks to them often and wants to visit them as much as possible. You need to be prepared for that close family interaction to become part of your life, if you plan on making a relationship work with a beauty from Brazil.

Money and Time to Spend on Her Looks

Brazilian culture encourages a very intense focus on your own looks. They want their women to look feminine, and that means spending the money and time to look really good. If you are going to have an issue with your woman taking a lot of time to get ready, you are not a good fit for a relationship with a Brazilian goddess.

However, if you want to have a woman that takes pride in her appearance and is willing to go all out to make that happen, and you aren't keen on the idea of her spending money on the tools she needs to feel she is making herself look her best, then you might want to look elsewhere for a long term relationship. Ladies from Brazil need to know their men appreciate their looks and support their efforts, even if it means time spent and money invested in the final outcome.

Help Around the House

Brazilians are taught that working with your hands makes you lower class. This can be a significant issue when they move to America and are expected to handle their own housework and encouraged to do maintenance work on their own. Both of these practices would be considered below them in their country of birth. Therefore, it is important to understand their culture and either be prepared to help with these tasks or be ready to hire a maid to get the jobs done.

Expecting your lady to think like you and jump right into doing jobs she considers below her status (if she was born in the middle class) is going to get the relationship off to a bad start and probably ensure that it doesn't last.

Absolutely No Name Calling

Americans have a tendency to resort to name calling in a disagreement or when they are unhappy. This is not going to fly if you get involved with a Brazilian goddess. In Brazil, there is no acceptable form of name calling. Your lady is going to go off on you if you call her a name that starts with B. That will be a mistake that it is hard to come back from, so don't make that error.