5 Questions answered about dating in Brazil

As a part of few newly launched research studies campaign daters in few countries were questioned to share some information about the dating principles in their country. Listed below are some interesting questions answered by the Brazilian girls regarding dating, and some basic fundamentals about how a date in Brazil should look.

1. The best place to go out on a first date?

This varies determined by what your location is - for example in Sao Paulo a good idea is to visit a nice, cool and trendy restaurant or bar performing live music. When it comes to the first date, in South Brazil it might happen in a concert or a more conventional restaurant.

Usually the date might include some kind of food of course!

2. Who will pay on the first date?

Brazil continues to be a very patriarchal country, meaning that men are supposed to pay the bill, particularly if it is a dinner date.

3. Do you end the date with a kiss?

Probably yes, and since they use kisses for almost all their greetings, the date commonly begins with a kiss, simply not with the same kind of kissing of course…

It is not completely inaudible of for the first date to lead to something greater than a kiss – after all Brazilians as we all know are a nation of very passionate people.

4. How will you know if your date is interested in you?

Brazilian girls almost always know what they want, therefore they're prone to send a text pretty much directly as soon as the date is ended.

However, guys don't follow that rule. They enjoy playing cool, maybe acting “hard-to-get” and will call or text you after a couple of days.

5. Who makes the first call regarding the second date?

You'll find no rules here, so it is commonly whoever has the courage to make the first call

Few other interesting facts you should know

In Brazil, people tend to ''namorar'' (become a couple) after a really short period of time – there's even a word in Portuguese for this because it happens so often!

Expect to date a guy or a lady who still lives with his parents.

The majority of the guys and girls in Brazil live along with their parents until they tie the knot. As a result, there are many thirty years old guys and girls still living with their parents.

Latin people generally are far more emotionally charged and more possessive, especially remember that if you fight with a girl. Crying, jealous fits, intense reactions in situations where you did something wrong are all standard of their emotional nature.

When you look at the Brazilian culture, saying you love somebody is mainly restricted to romantic love. Women and men in relationships say that to one another. So, joy must know that if your Brazilian girlfriend or boyfriend hears you state “I love you” to a friend or even a relative it will sound very strange for them.